Nutrition Tips for Student Athletes- Bellin Health

Store energy to be a competitive athlete
Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
Recover quickly from intense exercise
Fend off illness such as colds and flu
Heal faster if you should become injured
Build healthier bones
Be more alert in school

# 1: Eat Breakfast
Best breakfast bets are combination foods with carbs, protein, and fat
             Cereal and milk- Eggs and wheat toast with fruit
 If you can't find the time to sit down grab a granola bar and low fat milk
Banana and squeeze yogurt
Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and jam or peanut butter

#2 Plan on 3 Meals
You will have energy for practice and games
Avoid overeating
Maintain a healthy body weight 

#3 Eating Good Snacks- provides nutrients not just calories
 Low fat dairy- yogurt, milk, low fat cheeses
All real fruit
All vegetables
Whole grain crackers, breads, cereals
Beans and legumes

Super Snacks:
Almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds
Dried Fruit
Real Fruit
Crackers and Peanut Butter
Cottage Cheese
String Cheese

# 4 Eating Fresh Lunch
Make sure there is a food with protein on your tray.
Ideas for lunch....
Lettuce salad with turkey and cheese
Tuna in a packet on crackers or in salad
Chicken wrap
Dinner leftovers- lasagna, spaghetti, burritos, etc
Hummus on a wrap, crackers, or veggies
Fruits and Vegetables
 Healthy Sides:
Cottage Cheese
Sesame Sticks
Trail Mix
Baked Chips
String Cheese
Whole grain muffin

Fruits and Veggies:
Any fresh fruit
Frozen berries in yogurt
Slide red or green peppers
Baby carrots
Single serve veggies
V8 low sodium
Mashed sweet potatoes
Celery and peanut butter

Snacks with No or Little Nutritional Value
Sugary cereal
cakes, cookies, muffins
beef sticks, hot dogs, sausage
sugary drinks
ice cream
chips, cheetos, etc.

Food Not to Eat Before your Workout
Soft drinks
Most cheeses and meats
Chips and dips
Peanut butter - have after
Fried foods
Ice Cream
Milk Shakes
High Fat dressings

Make sure to Hydrate and Eat as soon as possible after working out preferably within 30 minutes.